Why You Should Book Your Newborn Session BEFORE Your Due Date | Huntsville, AL Newborn Photographer

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I totally understand the confusion. So many clients say, “Oh I’ll book when he/she comes so I know when to schedule.” Or “How do I book, I don’t know when my baby will be here?” Of course there’s just no way to know when babies will come. I know this all too well as my first babies came 6 weeks early and then my next baby had to be induced because he did not want to come on his own! There are actually a lot of reasons why you should still book a newborn session in advance!

Huntsville Alabama Newborn Photgrapher Twin Session

1. Availability

I can only take on a limited amount of sessions per month. The best way I can regulate this is by accepting a certain amount of due dates per month. I leave a little bit of flexibility in case a baby comes before or after their expected arrival. Sometimes this means I have a couple really busy weeks and then a couple of slow weeks but for the most part, it keeps me from over booking so that I can give my clients the attention they deserve behind the scenes.

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2. Planning

Clients who aren’t able to book in advance are now tasked with handling all the booking while also being freshly postpartum. There are many things we do at booking to prepare you the best way possible. This includes questionnaires to create the perfect session for you, prep guides and advice on how to prepare for your session. If you were unable to book beforehand, this process can feel a bit rushed and I never want my parents to be stressed.

Huntsville Alabama Newborn Photographer Neutral Boho Simple

3. Custom Photos

While yes, I don’t do heavily themed sets, I do on occasion provide custom touches for your session. For instance, I had a client that wanted a snow white inspired session. With her booking plenty of time in advance, I had time to order a sweet little dress and do a little research to create the perfect session.

Huntsville Alabama Newborn Photographer Snow White Inspired

So in short, yes, book that session in advance! I hate having to turn away clients because I don’t have space to take anyone else that month. I also love getting that chance to really customize a session for you and your dream newborn session! However, I also understand life happens and sometimes you just can’t book your session in advance. And sometimes, you have your baby and before you know it, your baby is a month old. Always reach out to me still because I do my best to fit you in and give you the session you and your baby deserves!


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