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Huntsville, AL Photographer Cake Smash First Birthday Moon and Stars Neutral Boy

Ok so you’re here because either you’ve never heard of a cake smash session, or you wonder what makes Whisper Photo Co.’s cake smashes a little bit different.

A cake smash session, also known as a first birthday session, is basically what it sounds like. We take photos of your baby with his/her cake’s and its a fun way to celebrate this remarkable milestone! But, that’s not all we do during a cake smash so let’s dive in a little:

1. Portraits

Huntsville, AL Photographer Cake Smash First Birthday Milestone

I don’t know about you but, personally I wouldn’t want all my photos to be heavily birthday themed. I’d want some timeless, classic, baby focused portraits to help me remember this time. That is why I love to start out with portraits with one of our colored backdrops, wood backdrop or bed set.

2. Family Photos

One thing I love is the opportunity to also use this time to update those family portraits! There’s a couple options for this but my recommendation is our lifestyle bed set. These are very brief because we want to move on from set to set very fast to keep baby’s attention. So while I wouldn’t recommend this completely take the place of you doing a family session, I would say this is a great way to get everyone involved and remember this moment.

Huntsville, AL Photographer Cake Smash First Birthday Family Lifestyle Studio

3. The Cake Smash

Choose a theme or keep it simple, the choice is yours! This is usually the part where we get to chill for a minute and just enjoy the moment because phew, chasing a one year old through the studio is hard work!

Huntsville, AL Photographer Cake Smash First Birthday Donut

4. Bath Time!

What a perfect way to wrap up a wonderful session! You’ve gotta get them clean and I will never miss the opportunity for more photos! Bubble time!

Huntsville, AL Photographer Cake Smash First Birthday Girl Butterflies Florals Bath

And that’s your cake smash!

At Whisper Photo Co. you can have your cake and eat it too! In fact, its exactly what we do!


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